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Tempory Fence Equipment Lending Program

Gallagher Electric

S100 1 Joule

Quantity Available:

Convenient fully integrated portable power. Gallagher S100 has 1.0 Joules of stored energy powers up to 30 miles / 100 acres and comes complete with solar panel, battery and lead set. Convenient fully integrated portable power - This 1 Joule Solar powers up to 30 miles / 100 acres, and comes with integrated solarpanel, rechargeable battery and fence/ground leadsets.

  • Battery status indicator - Provides peace of mind by indicating if the battery is in need of charging or replacement.

  • Highly portable and robust - Convenient carry handle and tough plastic case designed for outdoor use.

  • Will keep pulsing despite dust, heat, rain or cold. Also includes built-in lightning protection.

  • Multiple power options - Two operating modes ensure optimum battery management and animal control specific to your fencing requirements.

  • Wildlife control mode, operates with a fast pulse day and night to ensure wildlife exclusion.

  • Livestock animal control mode, operates with a fast pulse during the day, and slower pulse at night for when domestic animals are less active.

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