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   Supporting Farmers Protecting Water Quality  

Cover Crop in the Neshanic


*Please note that this opportunity has passed. You can check out the link above to 'Our Projects' to see what programs are currently being offered.

North Jersey RC&D has created opportunities for farmers in certain watersheds to receive funding for projects and practices that support cleaner water and healthier soils.  Applications for the Cover Crop Opportunity in the Neshanic Watershed is now open. This program is supported through a Water Quality Restoration Grant from NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection.


  • WHO IS NORTH JERSEY RC&D:  We are a local non-profit dedicated to fostering agricultural sustainability within Northern New Jersey.

  • WHAT IS FUNDED:  Cover crop seed expenses (up to 150 acres) in the Neshanic Watershed. Stay tuned for additional AgAssist opportunities this winter throughout Northern NJ.

  • HOW IT WORKS: North Jersey RC&D will pay farmers on a per-acre basis for winter cover cropping their fields. Payment is contingent on proper receipts, photo and/or field verification, and locations/map of cover cropped fields.

    • Single species ($35/acre up to 150 acres. Must be planted before Nov. 15th);

    • Multi-species ($45/acre up to 150 acres. Must be planted before Oct. 1st);

    • or Organic ($50/acre up to 150 acres. Same planting dates as as above).

  • WHO IS ELIGIBLE: All farm types are eligible; small to large and conventional to organic, but properties must be located in the Neshanic watershed. See the map below for more details.

  • HOW TO APPLY: Please complete the online application (link at the bottom of this webpage). Applications will be selected on a rolling basis. Multi-species cover crop must be planted by October 1st, 2022. Single species must be planted by November 15th, 2022. All AgAssist paperwork (application and, if selected, agreement letter) must be in place before those dates.


Area Eligible for Funding

The area eligible for cover crop funding in 2022 is highlighted in dark green on the map below.  You can use the 'Find address or place' search tool to locate your farm property on the map. You may need to zoom out after entering an address to see the highlighted areas again.


Funding Opportunity

The North Jersey RC&D AgAssist funding program has a wide variety of opportunities, each with its own funding conditions. The opportunity for cover crop seed expenses in the Neshanic Watershed is now open.


Cover Crop Seed Expenses (up to 150 acres)

Applications CLOSED.

Reimbursement Rate: Based on the number of acres planted and type of cover crop. 

Total Reimbursement Not to Exceed 150 acres

  • Participants must supply appropriate receipts, seed tags, and photo verification where applicable to be eligible for reimbursement and provide cover cropped field locations.

  • Participants must source and purchase the seed and are responsible for all cover crop seed and application costs.

  • Cover crop can be terminated through any method after May 1st.

Eligible expenses include:

  1. Single species cover crops for producers wishing to plant cereal rye, triticale, or wheat. The seed must be planted by November 15th for a winter cover crop. Consult North Jersey RC&D for other species’ planting dates  ($35/acre, up to 150 acres).

  2. Multi-species cover crop; seeding mix must be planted by October 1st  for a winter cover crop and must include a minimum of three species from at least two plant groups (ie, two small grains and a legume). Consult with NJ RC&D staff when deciding on multi-species seed selection  ($45/acre, up to 150 acres).

  3. Organic Cover Crop Seed; for producers wishing to plant cereal rye, triticale, or wheat, the seed must be planted by November 15th for a winter cover crop. Consult North Jersey RC&D for other species’ planting dates  ($50/acre, up to 150 acres).

*Note: Producers are encouraged to use certified seed. In the event the producer wishes to use “bin run” or other sources of seed, a field verification by North Jersey RC&D will be done. If germination is inadequate, the producer will be required to replant (if time allows) or plant an additional year of cover crop at the producer’s own expense and on the same acres following the contract time period.

Funding Timeline

August 2022
Applications open for the Cover Crop opportunity.


Now - November
Decisions made on a rolling basis, applicants notified of their status via email or phone.

Now - November
Grantees purchase cover crop seed and plant by the set dates (multi-species by Oct. 1; single species by Nov. 15 for a winter cover crop). 

December 31, 2022
Applicable receipts, field locations, photo and field verification must be submitted. Once the producer submits the appropriate receipts, they will be issued payment within 30 days of submission.

May 1, 2023
The grantees who plant cover crop as part of their agreement may terminate the cover crop with their method of choice starting May 1.


Complete a short application online to apply, using the 'Application' button above. 


If you have questions or need help completing the application, please contact Sam at or North Jersey RC&D staff at (908) 574-5368


Our Partners

AgAssist: Cover Crop in the Neshanic is made possible through a water quality restoration grant contribution from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.


Stay tuned for new AgAssist opportunities this winter!

North Jersey RC&D will be expanding AgAssist opportunities to additional watersheds with funding from our partners.

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