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Support Local Food

We are working to help build a local, resilient food economy by assisting farmers within the community.  


We promote environmentally friendly farms through the River-Friendly Farm Certification -- a  free, voluntary and self-paced program that recognizes farmers who are stewards of their land and surrounding water resources.


The River-Friendly Farm Certification Program is a Free, Voluntary and Self-Paced program that assists farmers in identifying areas for improvement to help protect our water resources. It was initiated to address water quality concerns within the Raritan River Basin. The program seeks to promote environmentally friendly farming practices through the recognition of farmers that, through good management, help to protect water resources within the watershed.


To participate, farms voluntarily send an application to the North Jersey Resource Conservation and Development Council. Once an application has been received, a conservation planner will schedule a site visit with the landowner or producer. The farm is then evaluated in 5 main areas which are:

  • Soil Loss Management

  • Nutrient Management

  • Pest Management

  • Riparian Buffers

  • Irrigation Water Management


If you need assistance or are interested in applying for the

River-Friendly Certification Program, please email Bridgett Hilshey at 


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Are you already a good steward of the land and surrounding water resources?  Get recognized for you hard work through the River Friendly Farm Certification Program!

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