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North Jersey RC&D

Cover Crop

Supporting Farmers
Protecting Water Quality


Through grant funding, North Jersey RC&D has created opportunities for NJ farmers in certain watersheds to receive funding for projects and practices that support clean water and healthy soils. The AgAssist: Cover Crop program offers a per acre payment for cover cropping on up to 100 acres. Payment is provided after (1) an agreement letter is signed, (2) cover crops are planted by their specified dates and then verified, and (3) proper seed receipts, and if necessary, photos and map of cover cropped areas, are submitted.


  • WHO IS NORTH JERSEY RC&D:  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to working through partnerships and with farmers towards agricultural sustainability and water resource protection.

  • WHAT IS FUNDED: Single and multi-species cover crop seed, organic or non-organic, up to 100 acres.

    • Planting Dates
      • Single species cover crops: for producers wishing to plant a cereal rye fall cover crop, seed must be planted by November 1st. Consult North Jersey RC&D for other species’ planting dates.
      • Multi-species cover crop: seeding mix must be planted by September 15th for a fall cover crop and must include a minimum of three species from at least two plant groups (i.e. two small grains and a legume).
      • Organic cover crop seed: Same dates apply for single species and multi-species planting dates. Consult North Jersey RC&D for other species’ planting dates.  
    • Cover Crop Rates: See the table below. NEW FOR 2024: higher rates for all categories and separate rates for small-scale cover crop fields.

2024 AgAssist Cover Crop Rates.png
  • WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Eligibility is based on fields to be cover cropped. Fields must fall within focus watershed areas and the grantee cannot be receiving payment for cover crop on those same fields through another program such as NRCS EQIP or CSP.

    • All farmers within certain Delaware River watersheds (portions of Musconetcong, Lopatcong, Pequest, Pohatcong, Harihokake, Nishisakawick, Lockatong, Wickecheoke, and Alexauken subwatersheds). Please reference the map below.


    1. North Jersey RC&D will review applications. Eligible applicants must plan to cover crop within focus watershed areas. See the map.

    2. An agreement is signed with selected grantees. The grantee may need to provide maps of the planned cover cropped fields. The grantee agrees to plant cover crop seed by specific dates.

    3. Grantees will provide NJ RC&D with proper seed receipts. After cover crop is seeded, the fields will be verified by NJ RC&D staff.

    4. A check will be mailed after completion of the above steps for the cover cropped acres. 

  • HOW TO APPLY: Complete the online application at the bottom of this form. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and batch processed monthly. 

  • HOW WILL APPLICATIONS BE RANKED? Applications will receive ranking based on:

    • Impact to water quality;

    • Highly erodible land (HEL) determination;

    • Past funding received; and

    • Historically underserved status.                                                                                                                         


  • HOW IS AGASSIST COVER CROP DIFFERENT FROM AGASSIST COST-SHARE?: AgAssist Cover Crop is part of the broader AgAssist Cost-Share Program. A separate webpage and application was created for AgAssist Cover Crop to make the application process easier for those interested in cover crop only. If you are interested in applying for additional AgAssist Cost-Share opportunities, you may apply through the AgAssist Cost-Share application for cover crop and the other opportunities you are interested in. To learn more about the broader AgAsisst Cost-Share Program, please visit:

  • HOW IS THIS FUNDED?: AgAssist: Cover Crop is made possible through grants awarded to North Jersey RC&D.  Current grant funding is made available from the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Delaware River Restoration Fund. 


Areas Eligible for Funding

Areas eligible for funding are highlighted on the map below.  Eligibility for opportunities is based on farm location. Search for your address using the search bar to determine if your farm is within the focus areas.

Pink/Light Red areas =Watershed focus areas (areas eligible for cover crop funding).


Complete an application online to apply using the link above. 


If you have questions or need help completing the application, please contact Sam Loscalzo at or call North Jersey RC&D staff at (908) 574-5368


Our Partners

AgAssist is made possible through grant funding from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; New Jersey Department of Agriculture; and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

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