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The Regenerative Farm Network 

A place to exchange knowledge and ideas.

North Jersey RC&D has created the Regenerative Farm Network (RFN-NJ) as a place for farmers to learn and exchange knowledge regarding regenerative and climate-smart farm practices. Through RFN-NJ, farmers can receive technical assistance, training opportunities, speaker-development and farmer-to-farmer networking.

What Will Participants Gain?

North Jersey RC&D will work with partners to provide:

  • Educational workshops, field days, and meetings.

    • Topics may include mitigation strategies for dealing with increased severe weather; rotational grazing; available farm loans and financial assistance; etc. Members will have input on the content they would like delivered. 

  • Farmer Network Tours: Informative farmer-led walks.

  • 1:1 Technical Assistance (TA) Opportunity:  TA includes annual farm budget preparation & farm planning; nutrient management planning; TA for implementing conservation practices; or soil testing fees.

  • Steering Committee/Regional Leadership Training: An opportunity for development to become a regional conservation leader and provide input on the direction of RFN-NJ. This will include stipends for time spent for training and training opportunities through the Regional Leadership Training and Steering Commitee.

  • Mentorship opportunity: Starting in 2024, we will be pairing 3 mentors with 3 mentees. This is a flexible program that will be tailored to the needs of the mentees and styles of the mentors to train up new and transitioning farmers to regenerative agriculture.

More Details

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regenerative farm network

Who can join?

​RFN-NJ is open to all farmers interested in learning about climate-smart conservation practices for their farms. Currently, content will be tailored towards small- to mid-sized producers in the northern New Jersey counties of Hunterdon, Morris, Mercer, Somerset, Sussex, Union, and Warren. Historically underserved farmers will have priority for technical assistance and mentorship through the program. 

What is a historically underserved farmer?

Historically underserved farmers and ranchers include beginner, limited resource, socially disadvantaged, and veteran farmers and ranchers. You can learn more clicking here. 

What is the purpose of the Regenerative Farm Network?

There is a growing need to provide farmers with the technical expertise and tools to build climate resiliency. Farmers are facing more frequent, intense storms and unpredictable weather. The prices of inputs are sky-rocketing. Implementing regenerative, climate-smart and soil health practices can be a tool to help mitigate those pressures and build farm resilience. The RFN-NJ will assist farmers by providing a network of peers and technical experts to learn from and share knowledge around building farm resilience. 

What will be the role of the Steering Committee and Regional Leadership Training (SC/RLT) participants?

It is important to foster leaders who can serve as a continued resource in New Jersey for farmer-to-farmer learning. A few RFN-NJ members will be selected to receive stipends to support their education and development as part of the Regional Leadership Training Initiative. This will include supporting their attendance at training events and speaker/outreach opportunities. These same members will serve on the RFN-NJ Steering Committee and provide input and guidance on the direction of RFN-NJ.

How can I join?

Joining is simple. You can click the 'Join' button at the bottom of the webpage or contact

How is RFN funded?

This work is supported by the Conservation Outreach: Equity through Cooperative Agreements grant through USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). 


Haven't joined RFN yet? Click the 'Join' button below to fill out a short membership form.

Upcoming Events & Opportunities

RFN-NJ Farmer Network Tours

Come to learn and network with fellow farmers! RFN-NJ Farmer Network Tours are for RFN-NJ farmers interested in or using regenerative farm practices. The first two Farmer Network Tours for 2024 will be at Duke Farms and Mountain Top Farm, see below to learn more and sign-up.

Stay tuned for more information as new tours get posted!

No events at the moment

One-to-One Technical Assistance & Soil Testing

Apply now for full-cost and cost-sharing assistance towards One-to-One Opportunities including:

  • Annual Farm Budget Preparation & Farm Planning

  • Technical Assistance to Implement Conservation Practices

  • Nutrient Management Planning

  • Soil Testing

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and batch processed monthly.

Events & Programs

Recent Past Events & Opportunities

Mentorship Program 2024

RFN-NJ has kicked off it's first year of the Mentorship Program. The mentorship program is a flexible program tailored to the needs of the mentees and expertise and teaching styles of the mentors. We aim to help shape the future of New Jersey agriculture by fostering the growth of new or transitioning regenerative farmers. Three mentors and three mentees have been paired for the 2024 cohort. We look forward to watching the mentee/mentorship pairs grow!

Chat & Chew: Elderberry Production

This RFN-NJ Chat & Chew will be a round table discussion with Q&A for both experienced and beginning  farmers who are interested in growing elderberries. Terry Durham of River Hills Harvest will cover risk management and setting up an orchard. Depending on audience interest, he can delve into  anything from planting, harvesting, processing, and marketing.

Watch the recording here.

RFN-NJ Annual Networking Event

SENDING OUT ROOTS: Tapping into Regenerative Agriculture

Join the Regenerative Farm Network (RFN-NJ) on December 5th, 2023 at Duke Farms! Engage in Q&As with fellow farmers on how they tap into the bigger pictures of their farm when making decisions. Discover insights on how they work with their natural environment, communities, and economies and what they've done to overcome challenges.

Click here to see the agenda.

Soils Field Day

Join the Regenerative Farm Network (RFN-NJ) with NRCS soil scientist, Fred Schoenagel on Thurs. Nov 2nd, 2023. We'll visit a couple farm fields where Fred will do a soils investigation in both fields. Farmers will learn some insights on what they can look for in their own soils before making management changes or troubleshooting a field that is not performing optimally. We also have a couple exciting demos at the fields! 

In the afternoon, we'll enjoy a boxed lunch at the Prallsville Mill followed by a presentation with consultant Sarah Crooke. Sarah will discuss how to collect soil samples and how to interpret soil lab results, followed by a Q&A. Wrap up the day networking with fellow farmers, discuss regenerative practices, or just hang out!

Click here to see the agenda.

Farmer Network Tours

Come to learn and network with fellow farmers! RFN-NJ Farmer Network Tours are for RFN-NJ farmers interested in or using regenerative farm practices. Each farmer network tour will focus on a regenerative farm topic. The host will delve into their topic and how they implement regenerative practices into their operation. All guests must register and be members of RFN-NJ. Haven't joined RFN-NJ yet? It's easy! Just fill out a form using the 'Join' button further down the page.

Tours are wrapped up for this season. Please stay tuned for the 2024 lineup!

 Steering Committee & Regional Leadership TraininG

It is important that farmers are directly involved in shaping RFN-NJ. Six members of RFN-NJ have been selected to be part of the Steering Committee to provide guidance and shape RFN-NJ.


To foster leaders who can serve as a continued resource for farmer-to-farmer learning, the Steering Committee members will also be part of the Regional Leadership Training Initiative. The Steering Committee will receive mentorship and training to support their education and development into Regional Leaders for regenerative agriculture as part of the Regional Leadership Training Initiative.

Steering Committee

RFN-NJ Updates & News




Contact Sam Loscalzo at or
(908) 574-5368

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