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Backer Farm
Backer Farm
Backer Farm

Backer Farm





New Jersey


Vegetables, Eggs, Jarred Products, Pasture Raised Meat (Beef and Pork), Baked Goods, and Honey



Our farm stand is open 365 days a year at 9am-8pm. We proudly offer our own naturally grown vegetables, brown eggs, jarred products, pasture raised meats, and baked goods. We also offer honey from hives on our farm!!




Strawberries and Pumpkins when in season



Not currently offering a CSA. Check with the farm for the most up-to-date information.

Backer Farm began in 1927, when Richard & Jessie  Backer purchased the 37 acres on Ironia Road for $3,000. A farm had  always been a dream of Richard's, who was a very successful  painter/paper hanger for the wealthy people of the Mendham area. In  1929, a baby boy was born in the front room of the farm house, Frederick  Teets Backer. Fredrick loved farming right from the beginning. His  older brother Joe had started a dairy business and Fred joined him  milking cows at a very early age. Joe & Fred expanded the business  by building the dairy barn in 1954, along with the creamery where they  bottled their own milk, a chicken house, granary and other essential  buildings for a traditional family farm. The crops were planted and  harvested with a team of horses up until the 1940’s when they purchased  their first tractor. Jessie raised her 6 children, bottled milk, worked  the garden and became the typical farm wife of that era.

In 1971  Fred & Joe decided to transition the dairy business into a horse  boarding facility. The Dairy Barn was converted to horse stalls, the  Creamery became a tack room, and an outdoor riding ring was constructed  behind the barn, in addition to many other changes. As the horse  business grew, a second barn was constructed in the 1980?s. Jessie  passed away in 1977 and Joe in 1980, leaving Fred, his wife Barbara and  their 8 children, who lived across the street, to continue the business.  The Backer Farm is still run as a family business by Fred's Grandson  Derick (Frederick T. Backer III), along with his family. They still grow  their own hay, vegetables and fresh eggs, as well as pasture raised  meats. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up to date information on  our available produce.

On December 28, 2015, Fred Backer passed  away in the house he was born in. He had sorted and boxed the eggs that  afternoon and left us later that evening. His casket was transported on  the back of his hay wagon that was pulled by his Farmall M with Derick  at the wheel. It was a fitting tribute to a man who devoted his life to  his family and his farm. For those of us, who were privileged to know  him, he will never be forgotten. His legacy lives on at Backer Farm!

The  farm continues to thrive and grow! We host a number of agricultural  education classes for all ages! Along with the naturally grown produce,  eggs, and pasture raised meats, we are offering a wide range of  delicious jarred products including salad dressings, pickles, jellies,  jams, dips, salsa, and fruit butters. We have expanded into Pick Your  Pumpkins and Berries!!!

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