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Development of a Watershed Protection Plan for the Pleasant Run and Holland Brook Watersheds

Updated: May 25, 2018

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

The goal of the RTEC’s project is to implement the 2008 Watershed Protection Plan for Pleasant Run and Holland Brook (Grant # RP04- 088). The RTEC recognizes that the long term management of the Township’s streams cannot be achieved without increasing the awareness and the commitment of all the citizens and businesses and motivating all to work both individually and collectively to meet this goal. The revised 319(h) scope of work submitted by the RTEC targets the near-term improvement in water quality of both Holland Brook and Pleasant Run. Equally, if not more importantly, it also builds the longer term education of the municipality toward a more intentional and personal commitment to preventing pollution and adopting sustainable stewardship behaviors. With respect to the latter, the projects identified in the 319(h) scope of work will inform and inspire these desired individual and community actions owing to the highly visible and accessible nature of the projects. We have scaled our efforts in accordance with the revised grant budget of $650,000.00. However, the importance and value of these projects have been maximized to the fullest extent and overall are consistent with the goals and recommendations of the Watershed Protection Plan. Our focus remains on those stream segments identified in the original grant application. 



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