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Kittatinny Valley State Park - Kenco Acquisition

NJ Wetland Mitigation Council

The Kittatinny Valley State Park Kenco Property Restoration will provide 90 acres of wetlands enhancement and restoration through efforts ranging from excavation, plugging of ditches,grading, herbicide applications, seeding, planting, and installation of habitat structures. The result will be a significant ecological uplift that will provide 25 mitigation units based upon accepted mitigation ratios. Riverine habitat restoration and forested wetland enhancement are also a significant component of the project.

Our wetland restoration project team includes the owner of the property, NJDEP Division of Parks and Forestry as well as NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW), along with our wetlands consultant, Amy S. Greene Environmental Consultants, Inc (ASGECI). Our approach is to support DFW’s mission to manage and protect the State’s fish and wildlife and their associated habitats, while simultaneously achieving the Council’s objectives to replace wetland functions and values permanently lost through permitted impacts and violations under the NJ Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act.4

The Wetlands Mitigation Council



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