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NJ Farmers of All Different Farming Types Are Excited About Regenerative Agriculture

The Regenerative Farm Network (RFN-NJ) had its first ever Kick-Off Meeting on Dec. 1st, 2022. The meeting had an impressive turnout of over 60 attendees representing a diversity of Northern and Central NJ farms and ag organizations.

There was excitement around the range of farms represented and all were enthusiastic to network with new faces. Everyone from a quarter-acre up to those farming 1,200 acres were present and included vegetable, livestock, row crop, permaculture, and fruit production. The participants discussed their curiosities and challenges in implementing regenerative agriculture and provided input on how to shape the newly formed RFN-NJ.

Beneduce Vineyards graciously hosted the event and Duke Farms and Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse donated a generous spread of locally sourced cheese, smoked meat products, vegetables, and breads.

North Jersey RC&D started the RFN-NJ to meet the growing farmer interest in regenerative agriculture. Through the network, members can participate in workshops, field days, and farm tours. There will be opportunities to receive one-to-one consultations for financial planning to implement conservation practices, nutrient management planning, and technical assistance in implementing practices. There will also be opportunities to receive soil testing.

North Jersey RC&D plans to keep the momentum going for the RFN-NJ. The thoughtful input provided by attendees will be used to guide future events. The RFN-NJ will be member-driven with a small group of members selected to be the RFN-NJ Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will also take part in a Regional Leadership Training Initiative.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming financial planning workshop led by Keith Dickinson (Farm Credit East) to be held in January/February of 2023.

Learn more and sign up for RFN-NJ at this link:

RFN-NJ is funded through an NRCS Equity in Conservation Cooperative Agreement grant.

Video courtesy of Kara from the Beneduce Vineyards team.



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