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CANCELED: Nutrient Management Field Day

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

FIELD DAY CANCELED: To minimize risk during peak field-prep and planting season, the upcoming Nutrient Management Field Day (March 19th in Pittstown, NJ) has been canceled.

Practical Advice for Maximizing Nutrient Use Efficiency in Cropland and Hayfields


Tom Meyers Farm 641 Sidney Rd.​​, Pittstown, New Jersey


Join other local farmers at Tom Meyers Farm (641 Sidney Rd.​​, Pittstown, New Jersey) on March 19th from 9:00 to 12:30 for an in-depth discussion of Nutrient Management. The event is free! Speaker includes crop consultants from Rosetree Consulting and Stutzman Consulting. Representatives from Nutrien and Growmark will also share helpful tips and technical developments that place nutrients where they are most needed in a form that is most readily available to the plant.


Intro to the 4Rs (Eric Rosenbaum, CCA, Rosetree Consulting)

4R Nutrient Stewardship provides a framework to achieve cropping system goals, such as increased production, increased farmer profitability, enhanced environmental protection, and improved sustainability.

Cation Exchange Capacity: Soil Sampling Option and Reports (Bridgett Hilshey, North Jersey R&D Agricultural Specialist) Soil reports are not intuitive! Bridgett will talk about how to collect a sample, compare organizations that analyze the soil samples, and will delve into cation exchange capacity (CEC): what is it, why does it matter, and how to improve it.

Gypsum Amendment (Douglas Kauffman, Natural Resource Conservation Service)

Gypsum amendment may improve soil tilth and plant health - particularly in high clay soils. Learn about the practice basics and how organizations like NRCS can help fund gypsum amendments.

Getting the most out of your lime (Rick Klevze, Growmark) Liming is by far the most cost-effective solution for increasing nutrient availability. Rick will discuss types of time and application methods and timing that maximize lime's impact.

Nutrient Management in Hayfields - How to be profitable and productive

It can be hard to decide how much inputs to make to a hayfield with thin profit margins. Large hay operations will share their nutrient management regime that keeps their operations both profitable and productive.

Nutrient Stratification in No-till (Eric Rosenbaum, CCA, Rosetree Consulting)

Under no-till management, immobile nutrients like P and K will concentrate on the soil surface. Crop consultant Eric Rosenbaum will discuss the impact of nutrient stratification on yields.

Precision soil sampling/grid sampling and variable rate fertilizer and lime applications (Nick Hamm, Nutrien Ag Solutions)

Precision soil sampling identifies localized regions of nutrient deficiencies and excesses within fields enabling farmers to increase lime and fertilizer use efficiency by directing applications to specific sites. Nutrien representative, Nick Hamm, will discuss the benefits of precision soil sampling and its implication on fertilizer and lime application.

Nitrogen Application for maximum uptake (Nick Hebruck/Jon Stutzman, Stutzman Crop Consulting)

Most nitrogen is lost from the soil within days of application, either to atmosphere or leached through the soil profile. Stutzman Crop Care consultants will share tips to conserve N in the soil through split application and 2x2 and in-furrow application for N and fungicide.


Free Light breakfast and lunch sponsored by Nutrien Ag Solutions.



While you enjoy your lunch join in on a discussion of about ongoing opportunities to participate in an innovative cover crop study that funds up to $17,000 in equipment retrofits or fence!

We also want to hear about your ideas for future initiatives and grant-funded programs! North Jersey RC&D is awarded grants for hundreds of thousands of dollars each year; we use these funds to create and sustain programs designed to help New Jersey Farmers succeed. What would initiatives would you like to see spear-headed in this region.


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