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Rain Garden at Hoppock Middle School

Student helped plant a rain garden at Hoppock Middle School today! A rain garden is specially designed and strategically placed to capture and clean stormwater. The surface is planted with native plants above several layers of drainage materials that help remove contamination from incoming stormwater before reaching nearby streams and rivers. Projects like this are considered ‘green infrastructure’. They help to reduce elevated levels of pollution in our waterways, keeping our local water clean and protecting the health and safety of our community.

The rain garden at Hoppock is located in the back of the school near the vegetable garden and outdoor classroom. This location was chosen for is proximity to West Portal Creek—a major tributary to the Musconetcong River. The 980 sq. ft. rain garden was built to capture stormwater off 7,655 square feet roof of the school, helping to reduce pollution in West Portal Creek. Students planted 185 native plants to finish the garden.

Rain gardens are and easy and inexpensive way to help protect our water quality!

Project funding was provided by the NJDEP Bureau of Environmental Analysis, Restoration and Standards 319h grant awarded to North Jersey Resource Conservation & Development Council.


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