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Regional Composting Facilityto Assist Equine Community Comply With Animal Waste Rules

Updated: May 25, 2018

New Jersey Department of Agriculture

In 2012, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture awarded $170,000 to North Jersey RC&D to facilitate the establishment of a regional on-farm composting facility for equine owners. North Jersey RC&D began to steward the project and work with Shane Doyle Farms, LLC in Hillsborough Township, Somerset County, as well as, other resource professionals. From 2013 to 2016, Shane Doyle was unable to secure construction approval from the Township. Impediments and delays included impervious coverage limitations on his home farm, project redesign on a neighboring family farm property and ultimately, the inability to secure purchase or a long-term lease on said neighboring property by the January 31,2017 deadline set by NJDA. During 2017, North Jersey RC&D considered other sites and even other methods of composting, including an Ag Bag composting system and an aerated windrow system. These composting methods were originally thought to be more affordable and replicable, although the cost of either the Ag Bag system or the site foundation prep necessary for the aerated windrows turned out to be cost prohibitive.



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