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Renewable Energy


Solar panels situated on farms—known as "agrivoltaics"—are emerging as a way for states to preserve farmland while meeting their clean energy goals, Photo Courtesy NREL: Dennis Schroeder

The last few years have lead many advances in the small scale renewable energy field.  Photovoltaic systems and wind turbines are becoming less expensive and less intrusive. The cost for renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic solar panels and wind microturbines has come down significantly in recent years. In addition, there are many new ways to deploy solar and wind projects on farms and small businesses which can actually enhance your regular operations. For many local farms and small businesses, these technologies have the potential to deliver long-term energy independence and a sizable return on investment.

Want to learn more about small-scale renewable energy opportunities for farms and rural small businesses?  North Jersey RC&D is hosting a free educational event.

During the 1 hour webinar, experts in the field of renewable energy will discuss the following:​
  • Agrivoltaics & On-farm Integration
    Modern solar panels can be integrated into agricultural operations as livestock and crop shade structures, pavilion roofs, etc. Many installations can complement NRCS practices. 
    • Photovoltaics Over Pollinator Habitat and Conservation Easements
    • Photovoltaics over row crops (which can cause beneficial shading, reduce water use & increases crop yields)
    • Photovoltaics over farm ponds to suppress algae and cool water
  • Other On-farm Energy Solutions
    • Solar thermal system for heating sanitary or wash-up water
    • Wind Micro, Mini, and Midi-Turbines
    • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Energy Assessments
    Interested farmers and rural small businesses in Northern New Jersey are eligible for a free energy assessment through North Jersey Renewable Energy Development Assistance Program. Learn about the benefits and how to sign up. 
  • Funding Opportunities
    A brief overview of funding opportunities supporting the installation of renewable energy technologies and how farmers and rural small businesses can apply. 
View a Recording of the Webinar
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