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North Jersey RC&D awarded grant to create a Regenerative Farming Network

Clockwise from top left, image credit: Bridgett Hilshey, Markus Winkler, Bridgett Hilshey

North Jersey RC&D (NJRCD) has been awarded a two-year, $239,600 grant through a Conservation Outreach: Equity through Cooperative Agreements NRCS grant. Through this grant, NJRCD will form the Regenerative Farming Network (RFN). The RFN will be a resource for small- and mid-sized NJ farmers to access information and programs supporting climate resiliency and climate-smart practices.

There is a growing need to provide farmers with the technical expertise and tools required to address the increased pressures from climate change. Farmers are facing more frequent, intense storms and unpredictable weather. The price of inputs, fuel, and labor are sky-rocketing. Implementing regenerative, climate-smart and soil health practices can be a tool to help mitigate those pressures and build farm resilience. The RFN will assist farmers by providing a network of peers and technical experts to learn from and share knowledge around building farm resilience.

NJRCD will collaborate with NRCS and regional conservation experts to provide technical assistance, training opportunities, speaker-development, and farmer-to-farmer networking for RFN members. Historically underserved farmers and ranchers will have priority for technical assistance and training opportunities. A subset of RFN participants will be guided and mentored to be regional conservation leaders. As leaders, they can be a valuable New Jersey resource for farmer-to-farmer learning on climate-smart practices and resilience.

If you are interested in learning more about the RFN or joining the group, click here.

Please share with any farmers who may be interested!


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