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Nutrient Management Field Day!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Tom Meyers Farm (641 Sidney Rd. W​​, Pittstown, New Jersey) Thursday March 24th from 9:00 to 12:45

Join other local farmers at Tom Meyers Farm (641 Sidney Rd.​​, Pittstown, New Jersey) on Thursday March 24th from 9:00 to 12:45 for an in-depth discussion of Nutrient Management. Experts from Rosetree Consulting, Stutzman Consulting, Nutrien, Growmark, and Hoober will also discuss management strategies and technical developments that maximize nutrient use efficiency and minimize cost.

The event is free and open the public! No registration required.

Light Breakfast and Lunch Included!



Geospatial and Grid Soil Sampling for Precision Nutrient Management Precision soil sampling identifies localized regions of nutrient deficiencies and excesses within fields enabling farmers to increase lime and fertilizer use efficiency by directing applications to specific sites. Nutrien representative, Nick Hamm, will discuss the benefits of precision soil sampling and its implication on fertilizer and lime application.

(Nick Hamm, Nutrient Ag)

Adaptive N Management: Using local conditions to predict plant nitrogen requirements Stuzman will teach attendees how weather effects nitrogen availability and optimum application rates for corn, and what tools are available to adaptively guide in-season nitrogen application to meet production needs (John Stutzman, CCA, Stutzman Crop Consulting)

The Importance of Data: Using GPS data to improve your operation and bottom line

Precision farming in crop production includes the use of global positioning systems (GPS), yield monitors and variable rate application technology to more precisely apply crop inputs to enhance growth, lower cost and reduce environmental degradation. (Representative from Hoober)

Nutrient Management Planter and Sprayer Technologies Farming is changing fast. Data from sensors and monitored paired with adjustable sprayers and motors is allows is reducing agricultural input requirements. (Representative from Hoober)

Split Nitrogen Application (Eric Rosenbaum CCA, Rosetree Consulting)

A split nitrogen application can be beneficial from an agronomic, economic and environmental perspective; splitting N application can reduce N loss and improve nitrogen uptake for a healthier, higher yielding crop.

Cover Crop Nitrogen Contributions: What do you get from cover crops and when A key benefit of cover crops is their ability to supply plant-available nitrogen for the following cash crop. The release of nitrogen from a cover crop depends on crop species and crop growth stage. Rosenbaum will help producers understand those complex dynamics. (Eric Rosenbaum CCA, Rosetree Consulting)

2 x 2 vs In-furrow: Pros and Cons The application method impacts what farmers can apply at what rates; 2x2 and in-furrow fertilizer applications each have their own particular benefits as well as limitations. (Representative from Hoober)

Starter Fertilizer: How to choose and what factors decide rate, time, place, source Starter fertilizers enhance the development of emerging seedlings by supplying essential nutrients in accessible locations near the roots. Adjusting starter rate, placement and timing can increase production, increase farmer profitability, improve sustainability. (Representative from Growmark)

BONUS: State of the Fertilizer Industry

During lunch, participants will hear from Nutrien Ag Corporate about the state of the fertilizer including hurdles, supply, trade, and what is driving volatility. (Gary Marsh, Nutrien Ag)



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