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AgAssist 2022: Cover Crop Application Open

North Jersey RC&D has opened applications for the cover crop seed opportunity. Farms located in the Neshanic Watershed are eligible for funding (see map below). You can use the interactive map here: to see if your farm location falls within the Neshanic (Use the 'Find address or place' search tool). Applications will be decided on a rolling basis.

The Cover Crop Seed Opportunity pays farmers on a per-acre-basis, with a cap of 150 acres. Payments are based on the type of cover crop:

  • Single species ($35/acre up to 150 acres. Must be planted before Nov. 15th);

  • Multi-species ($45/acre up to 150 acres. Must be planted before Oct. 1st);

  • or Organic ($50/acre up to 150 acres. Same planting dates as as above).

To learn more and apply for AgAssist: Cover Crop Seed, visit:

Funding for AgAssist in the Neshanic is provided with support from a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Water Quality Restoration Grant. This grant will soon be ending. 2022 is the final year for Ag BMP and cover crop funding in the Neshanic watershed.

Stay tuned for additional AgAssist opportunities available this winter. North Jersey RC&D will be expanding AgAssist opportunities to additional watersheds with funding from our partners.


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