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North Jersey Renewable Energy Development Assistance Program

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Sheep graze under the 35th Street Solar Array at OSU. (Photo by Mark Floyd, OSU)

Want to learn more about on-farm renewable energy opportunities for local farms and other rural businesses? North Jersey RC&D has teamed up with Ensave, a renewable energy consultant, to encourage sustainable implementation of renewable energy technologies on local farmers and rural business. There are two element of the program, outlined below:



Solar panels situated on farms—known as "agrivoltaics"—are emerging as a way for states to preserve farmland while meeting their clean energy goals, Photo Courtesy NREL: Dennis Schroeder

North Jersey RC&D is hosting a series of educational webinars taught by renewable energy experts from EnSave, focused how renewable energy technology can be integrated on farms and how modern installations can complement both the agricultural operation and conservation practice implementation. Topics include:

  • Agrivoltaics: co-developing the same area of land for both solar photovoltaic power as well as for agriculture.

  • Photovoltaic systems that are compatible with and synergistic to NRCS conservation practices

  • Other on-farm energy solutions including mini-wind turbines, solar thermal systems, and heat pumps.

  • No-cost energy assessments.

  • Funding opportunities (including REAP) supporting the installation of renewable energy technologies and how farmers and rural small businesses can apply.

The first webinar is scheduled for Thursday, July 1st from 11:30 to 12:30.

To learn more and see a recoding of the educational webinar, visit:



Endurance E-3120 50kW Turbine on Doody Farm, Tully, New York. (Photo from NREL)

Farms and rural businesses (See map to check business eligibility) in Warren, Hunterdon, Sussex, Somerset, Union, Morris or Mercer Counties can receive a no-cost renewable energy assessment through the North Jersey Renewable Energy Development Assistance Program. The program uses only your utility bills, satellite imagery, and weather data (no site visit) to create a report listing:

  • What types of renewable energy installations would work on your site (ie. solar, wind, or other)

  • How much energy you could expect to generate

  • Steps you can take to qualify for additional funding toward installation

The program is funded by a USDA Rural Development grant with the aim of assisting local farmers and rural business owners explore the potential to benefit from renewable energy; there is no cost to to participate in the program. As a result, the information provided is objective and unbiased, and participants will not be pressured into an installation. The only goal is to provide participants with the information they need to make an informed decision.

Only 25 to 30 farms and businesses will be able to participate in this program, and acceptance is on a first-come, first-served basis so sign up now to reserve your spot!



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