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An online resource for public, private, and non-profit staff serving the agricultural community in the Northeast featuring concise handouts, informative downloads, and interactive quizzes designed to ensure staff is prepared to helped farmers succeed while implementing their soil health practices.

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No-till and cover crops are among the most cost-effective tools for reversing soil loss and improving soil health; the economic, agronomic, and environmental benefits of these practices are well known within the farming community.

Transitioning from conventional farming to no-till and incorporating the use of cover crops require a higher level of management and demand a substantial investment in time in order to learn the information necessary to succeed.  Farmers face hurdles including field soil preparation, equipment purchasing decisions, and management of other impacts on agronomic practices. For many farmers, a lack of knowledge is a barrier to implementation. 

This website is designed to help agricultural service providers and farmers as they strive to implement new practices.   It is designed for individuals already convinced of the merits of no-till and cover crops, but who are unsure of how to implement these practices.



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"A Practical Guide to No-till and Cover Crops in the Northeast"

North Jersey RC&D, in collaboration with New Jersey Audubon and Stroud Water Research Center, developed a compressive book outline no-till and cover crop implementation methods.  


This manual is designed to help agricultural service providers and farmers as they strive to implement new practices.   It is designed for individuals already convinced of the merits of no-till and cover crops, but unsure how to implement these practices.

This manual contains...
precise instructions and equipment configuration recommendations.  Although this information is usually best sourced from a knowledgeable crop consultant or peer,  this manual furnishes the reader with a strong foundation from which to begin.  This information was sourced from a combination of research results, crop consultant recommendations, and most importantly, farmers’ insights. 

Authors: Bridgett Hilshey, Christian Bench, and Laura Tessieri, North Jersey RC&D



Contributors: Cali Alexander (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey);  Lisa Blazure (Soil Health Coordinator, Stroud Water Research Center); Michael D. Braucher (Farmer, Mohrsville, PA); Brittany Dobrzynski (Stewardship Project Coordinator New Jersey Audubon);  Robert Fulper (Fulper Farms);  Steve Groff (Cover Crop Coach, Holtwood, PA);  Lamonte Garber (Watershed Restoration Coordinator, Stroud Water Research Center); Jim Hershey  (PA No-Till Alliance President; Hershey Farms LLC; Elizabethtown, PA); Virginia Lamb (Groundwork Education and Consulting)

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Planning field days and events can be a challenge!  The chart below lists speakers that are highly recommended by other Agricultural Service Providers.  You can add speakers to the list using the form below 


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No-till and Cover Crops


No-till and Cover Crop Implementation are not easy!  Test your knowledge by taking this short quiz.  The answer key at the end explains the answer and provides extra resources to help you learn. 

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