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On Farm Assistance


What can North Jersey RC&D do for you?


Staff at RC&D includes experienced farmers, environmental engineers, soil scientists, and biologists.  We are committed to helping farmers succeed. 


North Jersey RC&D is 100% Non-Regulatory


We are always available to help with whatever crop or animals concerns you might have.  Our goal is to integrate research and outreach to put knowledge to work on local farms.


  • Increase agricultural business profitability

  • Support farm environmental stewardship

  • Encourage expanded markets for locally produced foods


To support these goals we have grant funding to offer the following free services:



RC&D can offer cost-sharing funding to support farmers implementing best management practices that improve soil and water resources (such as rotational grazing, cover crops, stream crossings, and manure management).   


If you farm in one of the regions highlighted in red on the map below is interested in financial assistance with best management practice implementation, contact us and we may have to provide additional resources for your project. 

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